So what now? How do we cover the new Obama administration?

Good question, and I have a clear answer: I am going to become Paul Revere.

Right now, you are in danger. Your family is in danger. Your pet is in danger. The economy is awful. The collapse of the financial system is due to massive corruption on Wall Street and a federal government that didn't much care.

As we have proven beyond a reasonable doubt, Congress, President Bush and most economic analysts completely missed the corruption that badly damaged the world's most vibrant economic system.

People like former Merrill Lynch CEO Stanley O'Neal, General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt and financier Bernie Madoff violated every good business practice in pursuit of making money for themselves. And the feds let them.

Now, Madoff will likely go to prison, but Immelt will get away with doing business with Iran and corrupting NBC News, turning it into a far-left enterprise. Although with GE stock at about $13, Immelt could be fired at anytime.

However, the absolute worst is O'Neal, who walked away with more than $100 million after ruining Merrill Lynch. Millions of investors were hurt by O'Neal, who continues to live lavishly here in Manhattan.

So the fix was in. Again, the feds allowed these men and thousands of other white-collar bad guys to run wild.

The first thing President Obama has to do is restore some confidence, convince working Americans that the financial arena is not a rigged game. That will not be easy with people like Congressman Barney Frank still calling financial shots.

So my job is to warn you about the economy and about national security. We've already told you that unless the Obama administration institutes tough new anti-terror measures to replace the ones being dismantled, the odds of a new terror attack will rise dramatically.

You may have noticed that "The Factor" has not nitpicked Barack Obama. We don't play the gotcha game because that doesn't do you any good. This is not a time for ideology. This is a time for problem-solving.

Far-left zealots want to destroy America so they can rebuild it as a socialistic paradise, a hyper-Sweden. Those people are dangerous, and we will watch them closely.

The media is flat out corrupt and will not bring a skeptical eye to President Obama, because many in the press want the Sweden scenario and will spin and deceive to get it.

I'm not legally changing my name to Paul Revere, but you can call me Paul because I will be warning you about the economy, about the terror factor and about the corrupt media. So if you see me riding by throw some refreshment my way, because we are going to be very busy these next few years.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

On Tuesday, singer Aretha Franklin was in fine voice at the inauguration, but what was that on her head?

Well, Wednesday Ellen picked up on that question, and for bringing hats back into the public arena we are making Ms. DeGeneres a patriot.

All right. I know that's flimsy, but I had to use the pictures.

On the pinhead front, my new best friend, actress Jessica Alba, who earlier this week called me a name, confronted a journalist Tuesday night in Washington:

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JESSICA ALBA, ACTRESS: What do you believe is Barack's greatest characteristic going into office?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, I'm a journalist, so I probably shouldn't answer that, but...

ALBA: What's his greatest characteristic?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'll admit he's a great public speaker.

ALBA: Wait a minute. You can't answer about our president of the United States? He's already elected.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, I'm a journalist. I'm a journalist though…

ALBA: ...Barack's greatest characteristic?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think he's a great public speaker.

ALBA: Be neutral.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think he's a great public speaker.

ALBA: Be Sweden about it.


Be Sweden about it? That's Switzerland, Jessica. Sweden is a very nice country, but Switzerland is the land of neutrality. Pinhead? Possibly.

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