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The enablers of terror.  That is the subject of this evening's Talking Points Memo.

It is simply disgraceful that the world will not unite against killers who target civilians, no matter what the cause. That is barbaric and unacceptable behavior in this world.

In a just world, the United States, Israel, the Palestinian Authority, the Arab States and the United Nations would all join together to neutralize Hamas and other killers. No peace could ever be possible as long as barbarians can kill with impunity.

We know that in the USA because of Al Qaeda. America has wiped out many of those killers and we are justified in hunting them down. The same is true of all terror groups. The world should have zero tolerance for these people. It's not that hard. The United Nations would provide a peacekeeping force to separate the Palestinians and Israelis, while a combined world force without root out the terrorists. Once that happens, serious negotiations could begin and terrorists in other parts of the world would be put on notice.

Why is this not happening?

President Bush should ask France, Russia, China, Britain and other members of the Security Council to pass a resolution condemning all terrorist groups, and using the resources of those powerful countries to provide military action against them. Who would object to this? I'm sure some would. But then the world would see exactly who the terrorist enablers really are.

The cold truth is that the terrorist is putting everyone on the planet in jeopardy. Unless the world unites against these savages, something far worse than Sept. 11 is bound to happen.

And that's The Memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Martha Stewart gave some campaign money to Senator Schumer and Clinton here in New York. Schumer says he's going to give the cash to charity because of the indictment, but Mrs. Clinton is keeping it.

Says Hillary's spokesperson, "They're friends, and she's going to give Martha the benefit of the doubt," which is what Hillary is asking from us if you read her book.

By the way, my brand-new column on billoreilly.com explains the real reason why Mrs. Clinton stays with Bill. Whether the column is ridiculous -- well, you can decide after reading it.

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