The Economy Stinks? Says Who?

So six out of 10 of us say the economy stinks. Must be so because USA Today says it's so.

Me? I don't believe it. Not a word of it. I simply don't buy the notion the vast majority in this country thinks the economy stinks in this country.

But just for the sake of argument, if this is bad, pray tell, what is good?

If 4.5 percent record-low unemployment stinks, what doesn't stink?

If more Americans owning homes than ever before is horrible, what's wonderful?

If corporate profits are the highest ever, what's the worst ever?

If more folks own more TVs and iPods and gadgets in human history, show me some bad history.

Show me when productivity was better, company balance sheets were stronger and stocks were richer.

Think $3 gas is bad here? Try $8 gas across "the Pond" there.

If 6.5 percent mortgages are bad for folks now, what about idiots like me and my wife who got their first home for double that rate and thought we were lucky back not so far when.

Bad is the Depression.

Bad is one out of four adults not working.

Bad is inflation running at 12 percent.

Bad is a prime rate at 21.5 percent.

Bad are mortgages at 18 percent and auto loans at 20 percent.

No, I've seen bad — this ain't bad.

Maybe if you're spoiled and remember nothing else. Clearly not if you're a little wiser and remember something worse — a lot worse.

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