Hey all you 58-year-olds — and I include myself in this — are you out there searching for a cardio doctor to make sure you don't have one of those Bill Clinton (search)-type impending heart attacks? You should have no trouble: The doctor is in and will see you, thanks to the U.S. healthcare system.

Yes, I know: You've heard so much about how it's so awful and, if it really were so awful, how come U.S. hospitals are taking care of so many Canadians and other foreigners whose full coverage health care systems at home can't take care of them.

Read Micheal Canon's piece in Wednesday's New York Post about Bill Clinton's heart surgery. Canon says if the Clinton healthcare plan had gone through, Bill Clinton probably would have died of a heart attack before getting the surgery that saved him.

That's because in all the government healthcare plans the Clinton scheme copied the wait for cardio care is weeks — sometime stretching to months — and we all know Bill Clinton's problem was described as imminent. He faced a massive, fatal heart attack in a matter of days had he not gotten immediate care.

The typical Canadian waits 24 days to see a cardiologist (search) and another 15 days for bypass surgery. If the typical Canadian had Bill Clinton's condition the typical Canadian would be dead before the doctor was ready to see him.

Canadians with Clinton problems come to America for immediate surgery. But, if Americans had the Canadian health plan where would they go? To the grave, that's where.

So, while politicians scream bloody murder about the healthcare system here at home, remember the issue is the number of people who can't get it, not the far larger number of people who do have it. And the question is, how do we get more people covered without un-covering those already in the system?

I don't need Canadian healthcare here. I need American healthcare… for all its faults, it works.

That's My Word.

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