You don't have to wait until November.

The election is over.

The Democrats have won.

Big government is back.

And it all happened today.

Because today republicans caved. Just like lately it seems they've always caved on spending programs that do little. And tax incentives that do even less.

So in an election year they could distinguish themselves, they have humiliated themselves.

Actually trying to out-spend Democrats on stimulus they know will be brief, and have no problem being brief.

Think about that.

All those who have signed onto this $150 billion stimulus package know that it's a one-shot deal, a government-sponsored quick pick-me-up.

They know the history on these things.

That the economy benefits about as long as my sugar craving after a trip to a ponderosa dessert bar. Pretty soon, I want more dessert.

And pretty soon those who've gotten hot little checks in their hands will want more checks in their hands.

That's the thing about quick fixes.

Those who get them end up wanting more fixes.

And the government that Republicans say they wanted to get out of people's lives ends up ruling people's lives.

Republicans lost Congress losing their way.

Today they lost the presidency losing something else: Their soul.

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