The Democratic Week That Was

The Democrats wrapped up their 44th national convention on Thursday, nominating John Kerry and John Edwards as their team to tackle President Bush and Vice President Cheney in November. For a wrap of the week, click on the links below.

MONDAY: The party's standard-bearers from years past took to the podium. Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Jimmy Carter all took turns praising Kerry and criticizing Bush's handling of the last four years.

TUESDAY: The night was capped by something that had never happened at a political convention, the nominee's wife — Teresa Heinz Kerry — was given the most prominent speaking slot. But it was another speaker, Senate candidate Barack Obama from Illinois, who had people talking about seeing a possible future president in the making.

WEDNESDAY: John Edwards capped the night, giving the running-mate's address. The senator from North Carolina, who ran against Kerry in the primaries, promised delegates that "hope is on the way."

THURSDAY: Kerry accepted the Democratic nomination for president and made one of the week's most pointed criticisms of the Bush-Cheney years. Kerry vowed to be strong militarily and to fight when needed but he avoided issues like abortion and made only a veiled reference to gay marriage.

VIDEO: Missed any of the big speeches? provides free access to all of the speeches mentioned above and then some. One to definitely watch: Al Sharpton throwing away his prepared remarks and launching into a spirited assault of the Bush administration.