The Debut of Juliet's DaySide Dish

Hey “DaySide” Folks!

I’m acting a little prematurely; I mentioned we were going to be doing a new segment on “DaySide” Tuesday yet forgot to explain what that segment was when it was time to do so (a blond moment, some might call it). Jackie Collins was on — and we all know how Mike gets around beautiful women — so I was a little distracted doing damage control.

Drum roll please... welcome to "Juliet's Dayside Dish" premiere blog. Please, please, everyone calm down. In all seriousness, I’m going to use this as an avenue for you/me/us to rant/discuss. The initial plan I’m envisioning is to use not only the show, but also the “DaySide” Web site as fodder for our new blog. Additionally, I’m not planning on treating this like a Supreme Court ruling; it's going to be conversational and informal, much like our show.

—Here’s what a viewer thought about our “cartoon controversy" topic:

"Dear DaySide: Freedom of speech is a great power; however, with it comes a great responsibility. If the Danish newspaper wanted to make a point they should do so in a way that isn't offensive, but effective. Forget the European nations because they don't have hundreds of thousand soldiers in the heart of Middle East but we do and we do not want to lose any more soldiers over this tragedy.

—About Britney Spears driving with baby Sean Preston in her lap… a viewer writes:

"I am outraged. First if it were my daughter or me driving the car with an infant in our arms we would have been arrested and the child would be taken and put in protective custody and we would have been shamed in public. THERE is NO, repeat, NO excuse for driving with an infant is your arms in the drivers seat with an airbag in the car."

—Quite a few of you echoed Vivian’s e-mail. I agree. What is this girl thinking????!?!?

Delving into the lighter fare, some of the more, uh, "charming" personal notes we received Tuesday:

"The very best thing about you two being on TV during the day is that I don't have to watch you'll both of you are to hung up on your selves"

—That's from viewer Jack Matthews. Luckily, Mike and I are used to slams like this. I’m going to go on about my day. I just checked over our little cubicle in the “DaySide” pod and Mike is going to go on with his day as well. I’m sure you're going to be very happy for us.

We do actually get quite a few comments about our fondness for talking about our personal lives. The reason we do so isn't really because we're egomaniacs (well, Mike isn't at least) it's because, pardon the geeky-ness, we enjoy knowing you, and want you to enjoy knowing us. Do I sometimes talk a little TOO much about myself? Probably. It’s only because I don't mind sharing. I do think there's a line, although sometimes it's hard to see it!

Another “DaySide” viewer, K.C. Nelson, as well as about a million others have been wondering what happened to Linda Vester, the show's previous host. Linda decided to take an extended maternity leave. Last word — she's planning on returning although I’m not sure exactly when.

And viewer Randy wants to know why Mike and I always talk over each other and our guests. Well, we do that once in a while, but only because that's what you do when you're in a casual conversation. Honestly, sometimes we're so comfortable we actually forget we're on TV.
That’s it for now... please join us anytime in studio, and keep watching! If you have any questions, professional or personal (I’ll do my best to answer) write us at


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