The Dangerous Border & the American People

The dangerous border and the American people: that is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo."

The most frequent question folks ask me these days is what can everyday Americans do to force the federal government to secure the borders? Now I've given this a lot of thought. And I even sent up a trial balloon a couple of weeks ago when I mentioned on "The Radio Factor" that I had composed a letter to President Bush about the border chaos. That letter is still posted on And more than 90,000 of you have signed it along with me. --That's 90,000 signatures from one brief radio mention. Incredible.

However, one letter is not going to move the feds, but there may be another way to get the message across. --We'll have that in a moment. -- But first, a refresher on the facts: Right now, there are approximately 11 million illegal aliens unaccounted for within the USA according to the Pew Research Center.

Each month, at least 100,000 more, according to the Border Patrol, enter the country, most through the Mexican border. The Border Patrol is on record as saying it cannot stop the flood. Local courts are overloaded. And the situation is so out of control, the unheard of is happening. Federal and state agents are actually escorting illegal aliens to bus stations as this undercover video shows. The authorities just want them out of their area so they can come to your area and do pretty much what they want to do.

While the majority of illegal aliens are Mexicans, thousands of Middle Eastern people have gotten into the USA via the southern border. It doesn't take a genius to ascertain the danger, not to mention the billions of dollars illegal aliens are costing the American taxpayer.

"Talking Points" believes immigrants do help the USA but they must respect the legal process. For decades, politicians from both parties have refused to stop the madness. Even after 9/11, the borders remain unsecure. Illegal immigration up 25 percent under President Bush, according to the Pew Hispanic Center.

So, the only way the borders will become secure is if the American people rise up and demand it. That is the only way. Thus, there's a petition that you can sign, which will be sent to every senator and congressman in this country, as well as to the president and the head of Homeland Security. We will then ask those people to respond to the petition and your signature, and report back to you over the next few months. In this way, you'll know exactly how our elected leaders are responding to your call for action. The group Numbers USA is handling the petition. Their Web address is That's Or you can go to, where we have a link right over to that Web site.

We will keep a daily tally of how many of you sign up. And we begin with more than 90,000, as I mentioned. So there you have it. This is a nonpartisan people's movement, best we can do.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

American parents are perhaps facing the most kid-unfriendly atmosphere in the history of this country. Everywhere you look there are harmful influences, especially on the media and on the Internet. And now one woman has had enough. She's got two kids, ages 2 and 8. She's mad. She's not going to take it anymore. Madonna has banned TV in her own home and screens all the videos before her kids are allowed to watch, which means they can't watch any of hers. Isn't it interesting how these people get conservative when they have children of their own? Some might call it ridiculous, we call it introspection. Right, Madonna?

Before we get to the mail, we have a brand new poll question, based on a report we're going to do tomorrow about proposed new laws that would allow parents and grandparents to spank their kids. Now, in some states you can't do that. Did you (or do you) spank your children? Yes or no. question. Please go in there and we'll have a report for you tomorrow.

There is no truth to the rumor that you have to look like him to get the scholarship.

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