The Cost of Freedom

The French are snickering. These defenders of all things right, say we are all wrong on Iraq (search). We shouldn't have gone in there, because it was risky, and now look what's happening.

Well, 60 years ago, a lot of people said it was risky our going into France to free them from the Germans. But we went in anyway.

Sixty years ago, conservative military strategists argued it was too soon to launch an all-out free-France campaign. But we did it anyway.

Sixty years ago, there were plenty of worries about stiff pockets of German resistance, picking off our soldiers. But our soldiers went in anyway.

Sixty years ago a people clamored to be liberated -- a proud and, at the time, a grateful people. So we ignored conventional wisdom and we answered to a higher wisdom. A wisdom that says some things are worth the risk and the lives and the second-guessing and the cheap attacks.

Some things, like freedom come at a price. But it is worth the price.

The French appreciated our taking that gamble 60 years ago, because back then, it saved them.

Iraqis, I guess, aren't as important. But freedom shows no pedigree and bravery no distinction.

It's natural that at times like these, that tempers are short. What amazes me is that memories are shorter still.

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