The Clock is Ticking for the Minutemen

The clock is ticking for the Minutemen: that is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo."

You may have heard that hundreds of Americans have traveled to southern Arizona to surveil the border with Mexico. They call themselves the Minutemen. And the concept is very simple — bringing attention to the chaotic border situation by launching a media attractive protest. And the Minutemen are getting a lot of attention.

The Bush administration doesn't like this one bit. And the Office of Homeland Security has encouraged its border patrol supervisors to say bad things about the Minutemen.

Today, for example, the border patrol called in deputies from Cochese County (search) to investigate a Minuteman who allegedly detained an illegal alien.

"Talking Points" can tell you that investigation will go nowhere, but it is an indication of the angst going on within the federal government.

Now every poll shows the majority of Americans are fed up with illegal immigration and want something done about it. For five years, President Bush has gotten away with doing little, but that's changing.

Now the Bush administration will have to devise some kind of plan to stop the millions of people streaming across the southern border.

Democrats and the left also have no border solution. This week, we saw a number of left-wing newspapers rail against the Minutemen but put forth no coherent strategy to stop the flood of aliens.

That's typical of the left. Instinctively, they don't want to have the authority directed at poor people, but they have no solution to our growing security problems. It's simply irresponsible to criticize private citizens trying to do something about a bad situation without providing an alternative solution.

"Talking Points" applauds the Minutemen. They're in the great tradition of neighborhood watch groups. They are doing what the Guardian Angels (search) do in many cities, attempting to protect their fellow citizens.

If the Bush administration doesn't like it, then put a larger federal presence on the border so the Minutemen can go home. It's that simple.

We all know politics is involved here. Some Hispanic-Americans are sympathetic to illegal aliens and both political parties don't want to lose Hispanic votes. But, there comes a time when all fair-minded Americans have to understand than an open border is dangerous. I just hope that time isn't after another attack on civilians in this country.

So three cheers for the Minutemen. Like their ancestors in Concord and Lexington, they're making a statement. And we all should respect that.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "Most Ridiculous Item of the Day"...

It is spring break in Florida, but the sun is not the only thing have you've got to be careful of out there. Hundreds of sharks, apparently cruising around, looking for action just like the people are.

Now the experts say the sharks are swimming north, looking for food. And that is bad news for us, because we are the food! Look at those people...

Now, this guy's name is Todd Harwick. He removes 'gators from populated places in southern Florida. He's got the 'gator, right? Well, the 'gator doesn't look to happy to see Todd, and he bit him.

Actually, he didn't bite him. The blood there is from the little — whatever they call that thing that got Todd. And there goes the 'gator. --So this is what you get when you go to Florida, ladies and gentlemen.

Todd survived with a minor wound. The 'gator was deported back to the 'glades. Life goes on in sunny F-L-A.

I'm going to stick to the pool down there... We are the food!

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