The Chair, the Sundance Film Festival and John Malkovich in the warm after glow of The Foxlight.

Reality TV took its downward spiral sitting down Tuesday night with the premiere of The Chair. Contestants get hooked up to a heart monitor but there was nothing pulse-quickening about John McEnroe as the emcee.

Regis, don't bother watching your back. The Chair looks like the dental office variety and is just as painful. And what will PETA say about suspending a bound live aligator in mid air? He looks about as happy as I was watching this thing. If this show was produced in Texas, the people behind it would get the chair.

Next, after all the problems on display in the HBO moviemaking series Project Greenlight there's good news from the Sundance Film Festival. The movie made by first timer Pete Jones and produced by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, is getting pretty good first reviews. It's called Stolen Summer and the rest of us can see it when it's released March 1.

Finally, speaking of Sundance, being John Malkovich is tough these days. His directorial debut isn't getting rave reviews. But he has other talents. The actor was telling Fox News Channel he does a pretty good impression of Fox and Friends cut ups Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy. Maybe Being Brian Kilmeade will be his next movie.