There was a poll taken not too long ago that noted one in four Americans wouldn't support pre-emptive action against even an imminent nuclear threat. I kid you not!

I want to talk to you one-in-four people. The other 75 percent of you can sit this one out.

Here's a question: Faced with the prospect of a nation or terrorist group about to drop a dirty bomb or something worse on us, are you really saying you'd just sit tight and wait until it happened?

What! Are you nuts?

You would wait to do something until you were hit or worse, dead? I don't know where people like you come from.

Don't get me wrong. you seem perfectly decent. To a dictator even, perfectly nuts! You're so concerned about this country doing anything pre-emptive that you wouldn't mind pre-empting your own lives?

When I hear stories like this or read statistics like this, I always wonder if Sept. 11 has taught us nothing?

Is it so long ago that we don't remember the pain, the people hopelessly jumping off those skyscrapers, the hundreds killed trying to rescue them?

Have we forgotten 3,000 dead Americans? Have we forgotten the evil? Or our children's innocence shattered? Or the bastards who set out to destroy all that we hold dear? Who showed no discretion for their targets, obliterating pacifists and warmongers alike?

If we knew on Sept. 10 what would happen the following day, would you — this quacky quartile of the population — really say, "Wait until it happens"?

I guess you are. You're saying it today by saying Saddam Hussein poses no threat, that the monster is contained.

Just like you no doubt said evil was contained far from our shores on Sept. 10. It wasn't then. It isn't now. Yet still you argue that a great nation shows great discretion.

No, you all just show great stupidity. You're more than willing to sacrifice your own kids, and ours, as a result.

Sometimes I wonder not about buildings smoking, but exactly what you knuckleheads are smoking.

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