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If you don't know the names Chandra Levy and Gary Condit by now, you're either living in a cave, or maybe watching CBS News.

Indeed, while some media outlets are providing wall-to-wall coverage of the search for the missing Washington intern, others, such as The New York Times and The Washington Post, have buried the story by comparison.

But does the decision not to focus on the Levy investigation represent a double standard or a higher one? To what extent has media bias determined coverage of this story?

Eric Burns, host of Fox News Watch, entertained the idea that CBS News’ refusal to cover the story stems from practical rather than ethical concerns: beaten to the punch on the initial story, CBS News attempted to spin their lack of coverage by claiming journalistic principle.

Now, as the search for Chandra drags into its eleventh week, Burns noted that CBS News has been forced to "stick to this principle… they have trapped themselves on a false bit of high ground."

Here’s what you had to say about the issue:

If you watched these other networks during the election results, you will know why they are not covering the Condit/Levy story. They are vastly from the "far left", you could almost see some of those talking heads turn green and choke up when they had to report that GW Bush was ahead/won the election.  I truly believe that this is just more of the same, showing support for the Dems by not covering this story.
G. Wakeham

This story has been grossly  overdone by Fox,  the Washington Times, and  even some from  the Wall Street Journal - because it is deals with sex, and, more  importantly a public official who is a Democrat. The serious news is not nearly as sensational appearing and not as easily understood by your viewers. Fox has enough far-right bias to make Dan Rather appear  "mid-right."
Allan S.

Three cheers for CBS. I have now shifted my evening news watching to CBS.
Xavier S.

...all Fox is truly concerned about are the almighty RATINGS. I hope they do find Chandra – so her parents can find peace and the rest of us can move on to more pressing issues…like the Middle East, the Energy Crisis, Stem Cell Research, Taxes, Immigration, etc. 
Don M.
Los Angeles, CA

CBS had no probleming covering the Bob Packwood story, who incidentally was a Republican.
Gene R.

I wonder if all the attention to CBS' no coverage, will attract people to watch CBS to see if they will cover the story?
Richard S.

What more can we expect from CBS - Dan Rather? Talk about biased reporting  - he takes the cake.
Sue F.

You can bet if Congressman Condit were a Republican Dan Rather would have gone into detail regarding this coverage!!  Mr. Rather is THE ONLY REASON why our family no longer watches CBS News.  We only watch Fox News Channel in this house!!! 
Cindy B.
Broussard, LA

If the likes of Dan Rather can "select" those stories he chooses to air, vis a vis Chandra Levy/Gary Condit, how can the viewing public believe he doesn't pick and choose  the rest of the news as he sees fit?  Who died and made him king?
Cheryl H.

Until Levy is found constant coverage is needed. I wish are public officals were held as accountable for their actions as the rest of us are.
Sherrie G.

Fox should change thier lead from Vanished, to "Chandra, America held hostage!"

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