On Wednesday, Gawker ran an item on Tony Snow, the former White House spokesman and just-hired CNN talking head. He's been fighting cancer for a couple of years now and on Wednesday he had to enter the hospital.

Gawker's item was atypical in its patronizing snark, in that it attempted to couch the item in feeble sincerity. The writer wished Mr. Snow well, letting us know that "whatever one thinks of Snow's work on behalf of the Bush administration, he is a human being."

Hey, thanks for that.

But, it's really Gawker's faceless commenters who take ghoulish glee in Snow's poor health:

"Maybe his illness will help him understand what suffering means," one brave blogger writes, "since Snow chose to be the official lying apologist and enabler for the regime that perpetrated those crimes against human beings."

Another writes, "I wonder if he ever thinks about the people who have the same disease... and no insurance."

And my favorite: "I cannot feel sorry for this bastard. Karma is a royal bitch, isn't it, Tony?"

When you read this stuff, you immediately want to track these wimps down and beat the sh_t out of them. But that's impossible. The cowardly creeps who post this stuff do so without names. And that's why they do it, creating for themselves a false sense of power and achievement they do not possess in their marginal lives.

If Gawker had any balls, they would ask these cretins to leave their names and numbers, especially if they believe in their opinions strongly enough to ridicule an unwell man.

But I'm sure if names were required, they would assume a roach-like response: Flash a light and they scurry away.

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