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FRED BARNES, HOST: Here's our "Tip Sheet" for next week's political action, and it's Mort's chance to redeem himself from things like predicting in 1980 that John Anderson might win the presidency.


BARNES: Hey, I go back a long ways, Mort.

KONDRACKE: I never predicted that.

BARNES: You said he could.

Item number one, President Bush will be in Florida next week with stops in Jacksonville and Sarasota. On the agenda, education.

KONDRACKE: Education. This was Bush's number one priority. This was the thing that he was going to get done first. It still's not done.

BARNES: Well, Mort, what...

KONDRACKE: What he should be doing is not, not doing it in Florida. He should be doing it in Congress, knocking heads and getting that bill passed.

BARNES: Mort, call your Democrat buddies and tell them to quit sitting on the bill. That's what's the problem.

All right. Number two, speaking of Florida, the Democratic National Committee will hold its fall meeting in Miami. Lots of talking of voter irregularities.

KONDRACKE: Absolutely. Terry McAuliffe will be there in all his glory, saying that Bush was selected, not elected, illegitimate president, blah blah blah. This bolsters the base, but it doesn't expand the base.

BARNES: Terry McAuliffe thinks the Democratic Party's about one thing, him.

Item three, the New York City mayoral primaries are next week, and it looks like there's going to be a horse race on at least the Democratic side. Who's going to win that?

KONDRACKE: Well, I don't know who's going to win, and Mark...

BARNES: Well, why are you here?

KONDRACKE: ... Mark, poor Mark Green, poor Mark -- well, because I'm here to report that it's close race between Mark Green and Freddy Ferrer.


KONDRACKE: I mean, poor Mark Green, he's hardly ever been elected anything...


KONDRACKE: ... higher than consumer adviser or public advocate in, in, in New York City, lost Senate races, lost mayoral races, et cetera.


BARNES: ... yes.

KONDRACKE: Looked like he was going to win this thing, but Freddy Ferrer is catching up fast.

BARNES: Yes, I say Ferrer and Bloomberg.

Number four. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will hold hearings next week for U.S. ambassador to the United Nations nominee John Negroponte.

KONDRACKE: It is a scandal that we don't have a U.N. ambassador. It -- the Democrats should let him through forthwith...


KONDRACKE: ... so that he can go up there and start banging heads at the U.N.

BARNES: I think he's going to get through this time.

And item number five, a Mort favorite, next Sunday night's the 53rd annual prime time Emmy Awards, and now, of course, the producers, Mort, are talking about bringing obscenities onto regular TV, not just cable, something I know you're going to get huffy about.

KONDRACKE: Yes, I know. The church lady...


KONDRACKE: ... is here. The F-word is all over cable, soon it'll be all over TV.

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