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FRED BARNES, CO-HOST:  Here is our "Tip Sheet" for next week's action.  It's Mort's turn, ready to go.



  Item number one

British Prime Minister Tony Blair travels to Washington for a meeting with President Bush for the umpteenth time, I think.

KONDRACKE:  Right.  Well, you know, the first thing that President Bush is going to do is debrief Blair about his disastrous visit to the Middle East last week.  And I think he'll probably treat him the way I would treat, have treated the Diamondback pitcher, Kim, because, because Blair got shelled in, by Bashir Assad...

BARNES:  Assad, right.

KONDRACKE:  ... in Syria and by the Saudis and by the Israelis too.

BARNES:  Yes, yes.

KONDRACKE:  But, you know, but, but he was...

BARNES:  And by Yasser Arafat.

KONDRACKE:  And by Yasser Arafat.  But it shows you in Saudi Arabia and Syria how you can't depend on those people.

BARNES:  No...

KONDRACKE:  I mean, they're part of the coalition, but basically...

BARNES:  I don't think...

KONDRACKE:  ... they -- basically they said they were, they were opposed to the bombings.

BARNES:  Yes, I'm not sure...

KONDRACKE:  Now, how can you -- they're opposed to the war.

BARNES:  Yes, I, I think Blair learned a lesson, that it, it ain't that easy when you go to the Middle East.  All right.

Item two

The Senate Finance Committee gets to work on an economic stimulus plan.  It's about time.

KONDRACKE:  Well, the -- you've got two opposing views, just on whether corporate tax cuts should be -- should dominate, or whether spending on behalf of the unemployed should dominate, which is what the Democrats think.

Now, there is a plan that's a centrist plan put together by Olympia Snowe of Maine and John Breaux and George Voynivich and Ben Nelson, senators, which could form the basis for a, for a deal right away.  And we need a stimulus, we're in a recession.

BARNES:  Yes, we do need one, but it has to have serious tax cuts, both on the personal side and the corporate side.  You can have some of this other stuff too, but if you don't have the serious tax cuts, forget it.

Item three

Tuesday's election day and the first of three races we'll spotlight is the Virginia gubernatorial race.  This is an open seat.  Democrat Mark Warner has led Republican Mark Early in every poll all year.

KONDRACKE:  Yes.  Early's message was that Warner wanted to raise your taxes, you, a northern Virginia resident.

BARNES:  Yes, right, right.

KONDRACKE:  That's a -- that's not what Warner wants to do...


KONDRACKE:  ... he wants to give you an option...


KONDRACKE:  ... just -- obviously, Mark Warner's going to win, he's led all the, all the way through, but he's -- but, you know, the Early campaign has been disastrous.

BARNES:  Yes, Early needed George Bush to come in and spend the day campaigning for him, that was his only chance.  Bush isn't going to do it.

Item four

The second race is the New Jersey gubernatorial race, Mort, another open seat, Democrat Jim McGreevey enjoys a wide lead over Republican Bret Schundler.

KONDRACKE:  Well, I don't even know if Bush had gone to campaign for Schundler, whether he could have brought him out.

BARNES:  I don't think so.

KONDRACKE:  Because the establishment in, in New Jersey is still mad that Schundler won the primary and hasn't done beans for him.

BARNES:  Yes, yes.

KONDRACKE:  So McGreevey is a walk-in.

BARNES:  Yes, I think you're right.  All right.

Item five

Rudy Giuliani is term-limited, so New York City residents must pick a new mayor next week.  Republican Michael Bloomberg has narrowed the gap with Democrat Mark Green in the latest poll.

KONDRACKE:  You know, I don't know, Giuliani is, is trying to help Bloomberg, but this is five-to-one Democratic registration.  I think Mark Green finally might get elected to something.

BARNES:  Well, you got to watch the Hispanic vote.  That's where Bloomberg is really making some gains.

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