Trading cheap shots for Jello shots. OK, not quite. But close.

And at the White House in little more than an hour, maybe very close. Guys, who were little more than a week ago, doing a lot of name calling, will instead soon be doing a lot of beer chugging.

OK, not a lot, but you never really know with this bunch. And it is quite a bunch. "Suds Summit" like no other. With a cast of characters like no other.

You've got the angry law professor. The angry lawyer for the scorned sergeant and the scorned sergeant himself. And, of course, your host with the most, the now not-angry-at-all, lawyer president. That's a lot of lawyers. Could be more lawyers there than anyone else there.

The White House ain't saying. What they are saying is they and their families will be at a big table, not that cheesy Home Depot number they were showing before.

No, no. Think bigger.

Because this beer bash has now become the beer crash. Everyone wants in. And everyone seems happy. I think it's classy of the president to do this. And as a long time fan of all sorts of beers, I’m particularly impressed our elected king has chosen the king of beers. He's going with Budweiser.

I'm going with my prediction they're doing a drinking game five minutes in. Chug a pint at the table, run as fast as you can to the outdoor swing in the backyard. Last one down the slide has to do it all over.

I could think of worse ways to ease tensions.

Which might explain secret reports I’m getting from the White House gardener that the president is moving the health care negotiations to this very table. Pelosi. Boehner. Reid. Mcconnell. Jello shots.

Game on.

The president's even bringing a pen. He figures they'll sign anything before they're even half way to the swing set. He's got his swing vote. And we've got the hangover. Party on.

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