The Banger Sisters, The Master of Disguise and Serving Sara in the Foxlight.

The Golden Globes thought Goldie Hawn deserved a nomination for The Banger Sisters. So much for becoming a more credible organization. Anyway, now that the movie's out on video and DVD, you decide. She and Susan Sarandon were wild in their youth, now Sarandon's gone mild and Hawn's back to re-ignite her rowdy side -- hilarity ensues -- sort of. That's Sarandon's real life daughter playing her daughter.

Next, The Master of Disguise is proof that Dana Carvey needs new agents. It's not his fault. He's working harder than Hugh Hefner's Viagra prescription, but it's no help. Master had trouble mustering much at the box office. But this is one of those dopey comedies that five-year-old boys may not be able to get enough of. Can they buy enough of them to make it a hit? If you rent this at a store where people know you -- wear a disguise.

Finally, thank goodness Matthew Perry has Chandler Bing money, and Liz Hurley makes a load off modeling because otherwise they'd have to live off the $10 that Serving Sara made. The only interesting thing about this film is that Perry left in the middle for rehab then came back a year later. That makes for some interesting before and after scenes. But not that interesting.