I'm getting very, very tired of the Christian bashers. And I think most Americans of all faiths are with me on this.

Wednesday night, I debated former New York City mayoral candidate Mark Green (search) over the fact that in the city's public schools, you can display a Menorah for Hanukkah, a Muslim flag for Ramadan, but you are forbidden to display the nativity scene in honor of the federal holiday Christmas.

Now Mr. Green's a smart, stand up guy, but he couldn't explain the policy except to say that the Christian majority was not entitled to see its symbols in a public place. Yet the Jewish and Muslim minorities are? Does that make any sense? No, it does not.

Christmas honors the birth of Jesus Christ, whom you can see either as a God or as a philosopher whose concepts of loving your neighbor have shaped civilization. In 1870, when Congress voted Christmas a federal holiday, the intent was to honor the birth of Jesus because of his contributions to the American spirit.

These anti-Christian zealots taking Judeo-Christian philosophy today reject that honor. But in reality, they are cowards. They hide behind the bogus separation of church and state argument to batter any public displays they find offensive, even if those displays are general and not designed to promote a specific religion.

Led by the ACLU (search) and aided by secular judges, these anti-Christian Americans are insulting and denigrating a key part of America. The Judeo-Christian tradition of respect for others.

And I'm angry. The courts are being used to persecute the majority in this country. It is wrong and it must be stopped. As for the anti-Christian forces, I issue a challenge. Stop sneaking around and step up. Petition Congress to repeal the federal holiday of Christmas. Take your misguided fight to the legislative branch instead of using corrupt judges, who have no right to make the law.

Do any of you think that our leaders in Washington will vote against the Christmas holiday? Let's find out.

We're a nation of laws. If a Christmas display violates a law, let the lawmakers be heard. What say you, ACLU?

And that's The Memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Before we get to the "Most Ridiculous Item of the Day," here are the results of our billoreilly.com poll on gay marriage.

The question: Do you support it? Almost 40,000 people voted. Ninety percent say no to gay marriage. Ten percent say it's fine.

The billoreilly.com poll is not scientific. It just measures passion about individual topics, and, obviously, people are upset about this.

As for our "Ridiculous Item," a West Virginia woman named Christie Walker did a very dumb thing. She drove past barricades and into floodwaters, became entrapped inside her car. Fortunately for Christie, rescuers managed to save her.

All right. Now her actions were certainly ridiculous, but we're glad she's OK. She jeopardized everybody, though.

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