There has been a lot of hand-wringing from the French and others of dire consequences because of the United States' so-called "cavalier" actions toward Iraq.

Allow me to present the half-full glass story you're not getting.

The doubters will be proven wrong. Iraq will be liberated. A democratically elected government will come in its place. And critics are right, the fallout "will be" fast and furious. But the fallout will be good and the fury will be fair.

I don't see demons rising. I see hope building.

I don't see despots uniting. I see free and fair elections spreading.

I don't see a worldwide recession. I see worldwide recovery.

And I don't see a world piling up against the U.S. I see a world actually, if not quietly, being grateful to the U.S.

I see hope, where they see fear.

I see us rising to the occasion, not falling to it.

I see democracy given a chance and evil given a blow.

I see clarity and purpose, decency and honor, and I see the U.S. leading it, not shirking from it.

Others will tell you the worst is yet to come. They said so a dozen years ago and back then, the whole world was on the same page. They're tempted to suspect the worst on this more divided stage.

The world will never know what we stopped, just harangue over what we started.

We proved them wrong then. We will prove them wrong now.

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