"I just don't know if that was the right song for you."

That's the recurring riff American Idol contestants have been hearing more this season than ever before.

Because for every Jennifer Hudson belting out "Circle of Life" or David Archuleta crooning "Imagine," there's a Casey Carlson, who this season chirped "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" to a grim death.

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Maybe that's why Simon Cowell has promised a "Simon Picks The Songs Week."

But until then, the final 13 Idol contestants should check out our list of 10 classics no Idol singer should attempt.

We consulted the following industry vets to compile the list.

Bruce Dickinson, producer and A&R/Marketing Consultant for Sony Legacy.

Don McGhee, CEO McGhee Entertainment (and Kiss's manager).

Justin Guarini, Idol's Season One runner-up, who is still a musician and also blogs at Fancast.com

David Hazan, now chief marketing officer of The Bizmo.com digital music start-up site, and once considered as a fourth judge on Idol.

Brad Simon, co-founder of the artist management/PR firm The Simon Perry Group.

Phil Anderson, owner of Powersound Studios.

Rich Savoie, guitarist/manager for Boston indie band Sad Marvin.

Mike Farley, veteran music publicist and Idol blogger at PremiumHollywood.com.

Chieli Minucci, leader of the Grammy-nominated jazz group Special EFX.

Mr. Ozwald, producer and founder of Crown Digital Records.

So Idol contestants, take note!

If you want to win, that is.