If I have timed this right, certain parties... mostly men... are at this moment being called from the television football games to gather around the table for the big Thanksgiving dinner.

There is a big browned bird to be cut up, and a bunch of carbs to be devoured.

Even those otherwise inoffensive sweet potatoes are now covered with melted marshmallows... just to make sure that insulin levels spike, and the old man is throwing down an extra Lipitor... just in case.

Lots more food than any person should eat is, of course, a sign that bounty has blessed the household, that the family is doing well, that it's been a good year, and we're all looking forward to a festive holiday.

Those of us who have all that, and are able to spend a peaceful and bountiful Thanksgiving owe it to ourselves to thank and keep in mind those people who don't.

There are at least 150,000 families who have loved ones serving in our military in Iraq in a dangerous situation. The rest of us should be especially thankful those people have volunteered, and are doing their duty so well. It is their sacrifice and devotion to duty, which makes it possible for the rest of us to enjoy this day.

And for those of us who do enjoy the bounty of this country, it is important to remember there are some among us who do not, and who need help. This holiday time is the time to cough up some dough to help, and to give to the charities that do help.

This is also the time of year when families get together and put the love of family to a real test.

This is not the time of year to pick a fight with your brother-in-law. This is not the time of year to finally get off your chest whatever's been eating you about that cousin out in the next room eating all the hors d'ouvres.

This is also not the time of year to drink and drive... no time of year is right for that, but remember the temptations are extraordinarily great right now.

And this is also the time to remember that the nation's retailers either have a good year or a bad year based on what happens Friday.

That, of course, is the start of the Christmas shopping season. A lot of people decry the commercialism of the season. Let them decry away...

I think it's a good thing. It's a sign of the health of our economy that people buy lots of things for each other.

Be a patriotic American and buy for the holidays, but don't be stupid and go into big debt to do it.

Don't drink and drive and don't drive yourself into the poorhouse.

So having said all that... have a happy, bountiful, prosperous, sober, and thankful holiday season... starting right now.

That's My Word.

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