The following was provided to Fox News by Dow Jones, owner and publisher of The Wall Street Journal:

An Open Letter from Paul Steiger, Managing Editor of The Wall Street Journal, to The National Movement for the Restoration of Pakistani Sovereignty:

Danny Pearl's wife and I are thankful for the additional time. I also hope that you and we can use that time to start a true dialogue.

We urge you to respond to my private e-mail. If you prefer another channel, perhaps you can suggest an intermediary whom you would trust. We would be open to any suggestion.

The world now knows, and you seem to know, that Danny is a journalist, nothing more or less. He is not an agent of any government, and cannot change the policies of governments. He respects all religions and nations.

Journalists are, by definition, trained messengers. Danny can be your messenger. A freed Danny can explain your cause, and your beliefs, to the world. His record as a journalist is proof that he can do this honestly and effectively.

A captive or killed Danny cannot speak for you, cannot help you or your cause.

Again, please release Danny, or contact us to continue this dialogue.