Dear Friends and Neighbors:

I'm sorry that the pain the Levy family and Chandra's friends are feeling has grown worse with each passing day.

When Chandra's dad called me to tell me she was missing, he asked for my help. I contacted the police to see if a reward fund would help find her. They said it would, so I helped start one.

Since that day, and every day since, I have cooperated and worked with law enforcement to find Chandra. I invited the police to my apartment. I asked the FBI to help.

Despite my best attempts to help the police find Chandra, some in the media have criticized me for remaining "silent."

I have not been silent with those in charge of finding Chandra.

I have answered every single question asked by the police and FBI.

When tabloids turned the tragedy of Chandra's disappearance into a spectacle and rumors were reported as facts, I decided that I would not discuss my private life in the media.

Some suggest that not talking with the media could mean I had something to do with Chandra's disappearances. I did not. I pray that she has not met the same fate as the other young women who have disappeared from the same neighborhood.

I will be interviewed on television and hopefully I will be able to answer questions that help people understand.

It is not something I look forward to. But things have gone on long enough.

Before speaking to the media, I wanted to write to you. I have known so many of you for a long time. You know me to be hard-working, committed to our issues and dedicated to my community and my family. I hope you will understand that I am not perfect and have made my share of mistakes.

For 30 years as a local mayor, county supervisor, state assemblyman and congressman, thousands of people have come to me with their personal problems.

A son in trouble, a mother in a nursing home, a job that was lost, a farm going broke. A mortgage that couldn't be paid.

And each time, people trusted that I would treat their problems with care.

I hope our relationship is strong enough to endure all of this.

For now, I want my work in Congress to improve our communities. Please know that you can still bring me your concerns and your problems.

Thank you for the kindness you have shown Carolyn and my family.


Gary Condit