Following is the text of Chad Condit and Cadee Condit's joint letter of resignation to California Governor Gray Davis.

August 28, 2001

Dear Governor,

The Condits are a very proud and loyal family — not only in the good times, but also in the darkest hours.

You may remember our father's strong public support, endorsement and organizational efforts for you during the bleakest moments of your 1998 primary campaign. It is that kind of loyalty to friends that has been the hallmark of his career and is a standard we strive to live up to.

Continued employment with the Governor's Office after your public statement regarding our father would undercut that standard. Your statement did not nor will not help find Chandra Levy, and contrary to your statement, Congressman Condit was fully forthcoming to law enforcement.

Friendship should not be based on poll numbers. Therefore, we respectfully submit our resignation effective immediately.


Chad Condit
Cadee Condit