Hey guys, lets face it... you can’t just roll out of bed and look good in the morning. Well, most of you can’t. From zits to bad hair days— don’t kid yourself and think you can solve all your problems with a simple bar of soap. Since keeping neat takes a little bit of effort and sometimes a lot of hair gel, we got the scoop from real men on the products they’ve tested, approved and aren’t embarrassed to buy.

Shampoo Suggestion:

Many men may be hesitant to use a scented shampoo because they think it’s too girly. But just because it smells fruity, does not mean it’s feminine. Luckily you can get the best of both worlds with Garnier Fructis for Men. Chris, who is a fan of the product says, “It smells like fresh granny smith apples and is great because it comes in a 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner and is anti-dandruff. It's like killing three birds with one stone in the shower."

Hair Gel that Holds:

The key to a great hair gel is one that holds the hair in place without creating a visible slip-and-slide on your head. Joseph, who frequently gels his hair suggests, LA Looks Sport Fiber Paste. Although it’s not actually a hair gel, he says, “It’s not as oily and liquidy as gel and its holds a lot better without making you look like a grease ball.”

Favorite Face Wash:

Just like women, men get pimples too (and can’t cover them up with makeup.) But in order to fight acne, you need to prevent it. Greg, who has been “petrified of getting zits" and washes his face four times a day, recommends Cetaphil’s Gentle Skin Cleanser. With other products his “face would become very dry,” but with this face wash he has been able to prevent pimples from even starting. His dermatologist recommended the product in college and he has been using it for years since.

Anti-Sweat Solution:

You sweat at the gym, you wear a heavy suit everyday, and lets be honest— a lot of you even perspire when it snows outside. So when it comes to deodorant, men need the ultimate antiperspirant. Danny suggests keeping it simple and using Old Spice’s Classic Deodorant Stick. Not only does he think it “smells good” but it actually “works really well.”

Recommended Razor:

A clean shave is the key to a nicely groomed guy. So you need a razor that really does the job. Matt suggests using the Gillette Fusion Power Razor. He says “it’s great because it has the Precision Trimmer on the backside which allows you to easliy trim sideburns." Chris, who is also a fan of the razor says he uses it because the "four blades are more than enough to cut through the scruff and the micro-pulsations help deliver an incredibly close shave."

Awe-inspiring Aftershave:

Burning, dryness, nicks and cuts… does this sound like your skin post-shave? Try an aftershave that will combat your post-shave skin situation, such as Clubman Aftershave Lotion. Joseph, who swears by Clubman, says “it burns like crazy after you apply it, but smells excellent and definitely does the job… if you’ve seen Home Alone, then you know what I’m referring to.”

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