Terror Sweep Nets Two Wanted in Sinai Attacks

Security forces arrested 15 alleged militants Wednesday, including two men wanted in a string of terrorist bombings at Sinai resorts over the past two years, police said.

Youssef Mohammed Hamad, 22, and Mohammed Hadi Abu-Qabal, 27, were arrested near Rafah on the border with Gaza, said Brig. Gen. Adel Fawzi, the chief detective of North Sinai police said.

He said the two were senior members of the Monotheism and Jihad organization that has claimed it carried out the attacks that killed more than 120 since October 2004.

CountryWatch: Egypt

Last week, Egyptian authorities said militants were receiving assistance from Palestinian extremists across the border in Gaza.

It was not clear it they had any direct links Monotheism and Jihad which is believed to take inspiration from Al Qaeda.

Police have said about 12 wanted militants have surrendered to authorities in May after they were promised fair treatment.