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CATHERINE HERRIDGE, GUEST HOST: "The world will know my anger." That was the terrifying text message sent by a crazed gunman before he allegedly opened fire in a Tacoma, Washington mall yesterday.

Twenty-year-old Dominick Maldonado is accused of going on a violent rampage shooting six people and taking four hostages. Today in court he pleaded not guilty to charges of assault, kidnapping and firearms possession.

Joining us live on the phone is Maldonado's ex-girlfriend Tiffany Robison. Tiffany, how long did you date Dominick and did you think he was capable of this type of violence?

TIFFANY ROBISON, ALLEGED SHOOTER'S EX-GIRLFRIEND: We dated for a few months and, no, this is quite shocking to me.

HERRIDGE: Tell us what the text message said and what your reaction was when you read it?

ROBISON: He sent me, "Today is the day the world will know my anger. Today the world will feel my pain. Today is the day I will be heard." It was very shocking to me and right as I received that I knew something was going to happen and I sent a text back saying "What are you doing? What are you doing?"

HERRIDGE: Did he respond?

ROBISON: He did not respond.

HERRIDGE: So what did you do next?

ROBISON: Well, moments later was when he began the shooting and he had called me from Sam Goody telling me that he just shot up the mall and was holding people hostage.

HERRIDGE: He said in court today that it was a troubled childhood that led him to do this do you buy that?



ROBISON: He has told me a few things about his childhood. He lost his father when he was younger and just had a hard time growing up and the bills and stuff.

HERRIDGE: Does it surprise you at all that in addition to the incident at the mall that they also found in his home equipment for bomb making as well as poisonous gas?

ROBISON: Yes that was a little surprising. I had no idea that that is something that he had had.

HERRIDGE: Do you feel tonight that you've been lucky that you escaped violence at his hands?

ROBISON: I do but I also don't feel that it would be directed toward me.

HERRIDGE: Why is that?

ROBISON: Because we were together.

HERRIDGE: Tiffany, I want to thank you for being with us tonight.

ROBISON: You're welcome.

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