Terrific Audience

Hi guys!

So no sooner do I return to the "DaySide Dish" duty than I take a day off. Sorry folks! Had a little doc appointment I had to squeeze in. Everything's fine and I'm ready for the rest of the workweek. Which is, uh, one more day — hee hee.

We had a terrific audience today — the military joined us! They're in town for Fleet Week, which, if you haven't heard, is quite the event here in NYC. It's a chance for everyone to say thanks to the brave men and women who sacrifice their lives in so many ways to serve and protect our country. If you're in the NYC area, please do whatever you can to make the guys feel welcome. Within bounds, of course. (I've been spending too much time with Jerrick, as you can see...)

If you'd like to be part of our audience, click here or call 1-877-FOX-TKTS. Tickets are free, of course.

So here's what "DaySide" viewers are saying — and a few pithy, snarky responses:

E-mail No. 1

Please try to get Elliott Yamin from American Idol on your show.
Nancy Carson

We are supposed to be having Elliot, Taylor and Kat on next week. My producer will probably smack me when she sees this, because it's not "hard-booked" yet, but it's looking good. Our audiences are packed when just one Idol is on — I can't imagine the rush we'll have for three. This is when calling the ticket line is encouraged.

E-mail No. 2

Let's see — you invite an Iraqi war hero on the show, ask him to tell his story regarding his injury. Then you promptly interrupt him with YOUR thoughts — cut him off before he can finish and go to a story about that stupid "American Idol" show and estate planning for cats? Oh, yeah — we can't forget about expressing your desire for a "rat" dog! Nothing like keeping your priorities straight, right?
For God's sake get over yourself! Thanks for a totally ruined segment. What are you people thinking??
Richard Smith
Mocksville, NC

Not the first time I've been accused of interrupting, and not the last. Richard, as much as we'd like to let our guests tell their stories in detail, because of time, we simply can't. And we can't pressure them to decide how long they should talk — which is why our producers rely on Mike and me to move the segment along. No, we don't like interrupting, but again, we often do because of time constraints. They are made fully aware of this prior to joining the segment. As I've said many times, I have massive respect for our troops.

As far as making time to talk about my future "rat dog," the segment is called "M&J." It's a water-cooler segment, meaning we keep the topics fairly light and the time shorter than the usual segment length.

That's what "we people" are thinking.

E-mail No. 3

Juliet and Mike,
Tell that Sergeant Major that his brothers in the U.S. Army salute him and his fellow Marines. Having returned from Iraq ourselves four months ago, my Soldiers and I understand what those brave Americans have been through and are proud of them.
Rob Risberg

Along with our military men, we had a few wives in the audience as well. During our discussion of establishing a timetable on bringing the troops home (which is what British Prime Minister Tony Blair and President Bush will be discussing...) one of the wives said she speaks for many when she says she'd like to know when her husband is coming home. With all due respect to this lovely woman...

E-mail No. 4

I am a veteran of the Army and I am also the wife of a soldier and I don't agree with the women who said, 'I speak for all wives when I say I want a timeline.' She doesn't speak for me!! I would not want a timeline for the very reasons listed by others in your audience that were there. That date would come and go and then what?? The morale of the troops would be diminished, as would the morale of the American public. She should be more careful when she decides to try and speak for a population of individuals that necessarily don't feel the same as she does!!
Lisa S.
Fort Sam Houson, Texas
Proud to be the wife of an Army of One!!

E-mail No. 5

Mike, what were you thinking, wearing a baby pink tie during Fleet Week?
Lord, but you look silly next to all those military men.
Nancy Hall
Clarendon Hills, IL

Hee hee hee. I liked the "subject" line on Nancy's e-mail: Signals. Why whatever do you mean, Nancy? Hee hee hee. Love you Mikey!

And just before our show started, the verdicts came back for Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling, of Enron infamy. Bad news for them, which followed horrible news for investors. While most of you are incredibly sympathetic to those who lost their savings due to these men, some are a bit more... cynical...

E-mail No. 6

It's too bad people lost money. But, they were just as greedy by investing all their savings in one company. Even the most ignorant investors know not to put all your eggs in one basket.
Bob Lewis
Valrico, FL

E-mail No. 7

I was just reading your "Dayside Dish" online for the first time, and am extremely annoyed at the few know-it-all, arrogant schmucks who write in to tell you how to do your job. The one who especially annoyed me was the guy who referred to you as a "dizzy" blonde — clearly, he meant DITZY, as that IS the expression! Apparently, he is too moronic to differentiate between different words.
Anyway, I think you're great. You are a wonderful role model for many young women, and I love you and the show. As I'm sure you know, people like to insult you because they are jealous. I like to laugh at those people for having so much time on their hands, and you should, too.
Albany, NY

Thanks for the note, Cristi. After years of this, I'm immune. Well, most of the time. Yes, I have to say sometimes the e-mails get to me — usually when I'm accused of being something I'm not ("racist, right-wing nut, liberal lunatic") or when I'm tired. You know us women — certain times of the year we're just... not quite ourselves. Ahem!

Seriously, I've realized I am a lightning rod for many people and the only person I have to blame for that is myself. I am opinionated (just ask my ex-boyfriends — actually, you can ask my current boyfriend about that, too). That, and I wear my heart/feelings on my sleeve.

I admit at times I need to "rein it in" as they say. It's just so hard! For instance, a silly example, but an example nonetheless: During our discussions of this season's "American Idol," I went off about how I wasn't a fan of Kellie Pickler. I quickly "heard it" from her supporters, and even those who weren't fans. At first, I was offended — "I'm allowed to have opinions! I'm a viewer just like you! Blah blah blah!" But the more I thought about it... I mean, she's a young girl and there I am — a host on a national news show talking about how she seems a bit phony. It was a minor wakeup call.

Mike and I often joke around about how viewers either love us or hate us. Based on the e-mails sent to dayside@foxnews.com, I think we're on to something!

E-mail No. 8

Hey have heard you are getting married, is this true?
Tom Land

I think my boyfriend would be disturbed to hear this news. No, not getting married...yet. (Just kidding, Dave!) Interestingly, he heard from some Canadian friends that there's a rumor going around that we are engaged. As he's been out of the country for work for the past seven weeks, I suspect he's wondering just exactly what his yappy girlfriend is saying on her little show. We've been dating for six months. He's got more than enough time to ponder the idea!

E-mail No. 9

Oh my gosh... folks sure feel free to vent at your expense, don't they?!! That would drive me crazy! Especially when the diatribes are filled with nothing more than misspelled synonyms. (Ironically, I hit spell check just now and had spelled synonyms wrong. Duh!) Anyway, hang in there, girl, and on a more serious note, my husband is a teacher and will be on summer break in about two weeks. Will you guys be doing "DaySide" during the summer (a good time for us to travel) or do you go on a hiatus?

Awwww. Actually, we are going to be taking vacation next week, although, we usually switch days so that at least one of us is here. No hiatus for us, though — but I'm taking a week in August to visit my beau's "pad" in Canada.

And finally... despite the nasty term "rat dog" used by our earlier e-mailer, I'm committed to getting the smallest, ugliest Chihuahua known to man. If anyone knows where I can get one of 'em in the NYC area, let me know!


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