Terminator 3, The Hulk and The Matrix

Terminator 3's cut scene, The Hulk's new look and understanding The Matrix: Reloaded in The Foxlight.

One of the biggest movies of the summer won't have a plane crash in it. Arnold Schwarzenegger tells Maxim magazine that a crash scene was written out of T3: Rise of the Machines. He also said his look as the Terminator doesn't change too much. He warns us not to expect leather lederhosen.

As for plot, Arnold says he comes back from the year 2029 to save Martha Stewart. Stop it Arnold, you're killing us. Now, go into the past and write yourself a funnier joke. Arnold also admits his movies never have him in a love scene because no one wants to see a machine have sex with a woman.

Could the Terminator take out The Hulk? And when I say take out, again, we're not talking a date. Problems with the look of the new Mister Greenjeans don't look any better if the newest trailer is any indication. And Nick Nolte will get unintentional laughs as the Hulk's dad because in the film, he looks just like his recent mug shot.

Finally, the new Matrix movie may be making money faster than any other movie, but that still doesn't explain a lot of the plot. My favorite ad they're running has some blurb-o-mat quoted as saying, "If you can see only three movies this summer make it The Matrix Reloaded three times." That's because it takes that many times to decipher The Architect's speech?