A student was shot in the arm at a high school Wednesday and a classmate was taken into custody, police and school officials said.

The shooting occurred in a classroom at Manassas High School where other students were present but no one else was hurt, authorities said.

Police said they have not determined whether the shooting was intentional or accidental. The two students involved, both 11th-grade boys, were described as friends. The suspected shooter was being questioned by police.

The wounded student was treated and released from a hospital for a minor gunshot wound.

City schools spokeswoman Rita Cooper said the shooting "involved one student in one classroom and no other students were in danger."

"Officers have conducted a security sweep of the school to make sure no additional weapons are present," Cooper said.

Authorities did not say what kind of weapon was used in the shooting and the names of the victim and suspected shooter were not immediately released. The school was locked down for a short time after the shooting as a precaution, Cooper said.