Tennessee Police Officer Caught on Tape Assaulting Woman During Traffic Stop

A Tennessee police officer was caught brazenly assaulting a woman he pulled over for a traffic violation when his vehicle's dashboard camera taped the entire incident.

After Stephanie Taylor refused to sign a traffic citation being issued to her, the dash cam video shows the police officer reaching into her car and physically pulling her out into the street, Tennessee's WBIR reported.

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The police officer, Shawn Temple, was fired after supervisors saw the tape. The other officer on the scene, who did not take part in the assault, was put on leave.

On the tape, Temple asks Taylor to sign her citation, but she requests to see his radar. He continues to demand that she sign the ticket, but she refuses.

Officer: "Ma'am are you going to sign this?"
Victim: "No! Are you going to arrest me?"
Victim: "Stop, stop. Oww!"
Officer: "Down!"
Victim: "Oww!"
Officer: "Down!"
Victim: "You are hurting me. I have a metal rod in my leg!"
Officer: "Quit moving around."

A medic was called to the scene of Taylor's traffic stop before officers allowed her to go home. She has hired an attorney and is currently considering a lawsuit.