Australian teenagers involved in a fatal car crash sat down and ordered takeout food as rescuers fought to save an 82-year-old man and his 72-year-old partner, News.com.au reported.

The cars collided at a roundabout in Miami, a town on Australia's Gold Coast. The teenagers were riding in an unregistered Suburu WRX with an unlicensed driver.

Residents near the roundabout were outraged when they came to the aid of the elderly couple and saw the teenagers standing motionless on the sidewalk. They said none of the teens attempted to help.

"They just stood there, and then they sat down and then someone dropped Maccas off to them," a witness told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

Using the Jaws of Life to cut the roof off the elderly couple’s van, the woman suffered from abdominal and leg injuries, while the man suffered from fatal chest injuries.

After the police interviewed the teenagers on the scene, the driver was charged with obstruction while the other teens were arrested but not charged.

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