Sen. Edward M. Kennedy on Tuesday blamed accused President Bush of pursuing war in Iraq while a more imminent threat exists in North Korea, violating rights of immigrants in the name of homeland security and failing to prepare for future terrorist attacks.

Kennedy said Bush deserved credit for his leadership after the Sept. 11 attacks and in the early months of the fight against al-Qaida. But he said since then "we squandered too much of the good will of the world community because we seemed so intent on immediate, unilateral war with Iraq."

"I continue to be convinced that this is the wrong war at the wrong time," he said. "The threat from Iraq is not imminent, and it will distract America from the two more immediate threats to our security -- the clear and present danger of terrorism and the crisis with North Korea."

Ted's tirade: Right words, or wrong time?

A sample of your responses:

Ted Kennedy has no foreign policy experience therefore, no credibility re: North Korea.
Darel W.
Columbia, MO

When would it be the RIGHT time for Senator Kennedy to voice his opposition to a war in Iraq.... AFTER it has begun?  NO.  Bashing him will not accomplish anything positive.  He is simply stating his opinion that is his right in our FREE country and we should NOT try to interfere or silence others that might share his opinions by NEWS INTIMIDATION.  Report it yes.  Bash him. NO.

I disagree with his opinion.  I feel Sadaam is up to his eyeballs in this war on terror.  We have to get rid of him and show the other countries harboring terrorists we, the strongest nation in the world will do anything and everything to protect our country and others being destroyed by radical terrorists and insane people using religion to excuse their violence against innocent people.
Lynn F.
Huntington, NY

When we attack Iraq with no help except England, I expect Korea to really act up along with every other enemy of America. How many fronts can we fight on with no help from the other countries of the world? I want all war hawks to tell me which of their relatives are going to the front lines of these various wars.
Sid F.
Baltimore, MD

Ted Kennedy - the ultimate politician.  He can't come out against the war - so constructs a statement that makes him look as if he is a supporter of the President's war on terror - but just not NOW.  (Not in the 8 Clinton years, not now - then when???)
Delialah M.

No one wants war but we have no alternative. Ted is wrong! Suppport our President! Support uor troops!
San Diego, CA

Mr. Kennedy should think before he speaks.Our prospective conflict in Iraq is long overdue. Had we fought Hitler prior to the atrocities that were carried out by German forces in WWII, many innocent lives would have been saved.I urge naysayers to check out history books. We need to stop Saddam now. I commend President Bush and his administration.I can only thank God he is in office and not Mr. Gore.
Al N.
Dexter, NY

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