Ted Turner Opens His Mouth Again

Ted Turner is one of those guys who likes to play the mole. He opens his mouth every so often just to feel the whack of the mallet on his forehead.

Speaking at Brown University — where he was kicked out of decades ago — Turner said he thought the axis of evil concept was stupid, and that the president was thick-headed for picking on Iran and North Korea, who he understood to be nearly friendly nations.

Wrong, Ted. They're not friendly, and even if they were getting closer, you wouldn't call it close.

Turner went on the say the way to attack terrorism is to attack poverty, that the Sept. 11 terrorists were desperate and that their acts were an outgrowth of poverty.

It is a concept liberals love because they have loved wars on poverty since Lyndon Johnson. They hate it when a good economy wins more battles in that war than government programs.

But a little reasoning is called for here. Mohammad Atta was not poor. The 15 Saudis who carried out the Sept. 11 attacks did not come from an impoverished nation. The anti-American, anti-Israel hate coming out of Malaysia is not out of poverty.

What Turner doesn't understand is that these Islamisists hate us because we are us, and because we are not them. We are not believers. They want to destroy us. Poverty is an element of that only because jihadi boys hang around the mosque instead of going to work, getting their heads filled with dopey, hateful ideas.

Even if they did go to work, which is what many do when they come to America, it wouldn't necessarily follow that they wouldn't continue to hate us or wage a war against us. They'd just do it while they were at work making money.

Poverty is an issue with the Palestinians, that's for certain. But there is no evidence that prosperity will make them hate less. If anything, it will just make for better-fed, angry young men.

We'll see. Turner says it's poverty. I say he's wrong... again.

That's My Word.

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