California has a law on the books called the Violence Prevention Act, which is not an anti-gang banging law but an anti-gay bashing law.

Under this law, California schools have a legal duty to prevent students from harassing and bullying and name-calling based on sexual orientation.

When this law passed, I'm sure most parents thought this would mean that hall monitors would listen to what kids were yelling at each other, and that if they got into gay name calling, someone would step in to stop it.

But no... that would be too simple, and evidently not aggressive enough for the gay lobby in California that's encouraging the presentation of plays in school — down to second grade seven-year-olds — in which transgender people and gay people are represented and made to be likeable, as most may well be.

For a lot of parents, the skits appear to be recruiting. That bothers some of them, and they have complained. As reported by FOX's William La Jeunesse, the response to these objections came from a UCLA teacher-education professor named Rosa Futomuto. She says that if parents are truly against the skit, that they should then either home school their children or send them to a private school where they would, in her words, be able to 'practice racism and sexism or whatever'.

Have you ever heard such nasty condescension? This is a woman using taxpayer money to proselytize the taxpayer.

Ms. Futomuto thinks she knows what's best for your kids. She thinks you are not qualified to decide how your kids should be educated on social questions that are important to you. She asserts that she is in charge of public school education, not the parents.

Ms Futomuto is a fascist, which is defined as a person exercising oppressive, dictatorial control. People like this shouldn't be in charge of educating kids. Not about 2 + 2 and not about why Johnny's dad lives with Sally's dad.

That's My Word.

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