Tax Tip No. 3: Help Me!

Do I have to pay taxes on my unemployment? Can I deduct the interest on my student loan? Do we qualify for a child credit?

Answers to these and just about any other tax question you may have can be found easily on the World Wide Web. You can even learn how to file your taxes electronically or find forms to print out and send snail mail.

Your first stop is an obvious one:

The Internal Revenue Service's own can help you with all your federal tax preparation needs, but it's not necessarily the most user-friendly.

The tax software specialists at Quicken do a better job breaking down the rules and regulations in plain English at You can even get the lowdown on President Bush's tax plan and what it could mean to you and your family.

The tax preparation mavens at H&R Block also offer a user-friendly site at You'll find tips if you want to do your taxes yourself and information about getting your taxes done for you.

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