Tax cuts work.

That's not me saying that.

Or Republicans saying that.

That's Democrats saying that. Prominent democrats at that.

Barack Obama following on the heels of Hillary Clinton with a big stimulus plan — the most prominent feature of which are tax credits for workers.

His are $250. Hillary Clinton's, $500.

From the government to the folks who fund the government.


Those who swear off tax cuts for making deficits worse, throw all that out, when it looks like bad times are rolling in.

Suddenly more money in peoples' hands, matters. And deficits do not.

Big government programs aren't the answer. Big checks are.

Of course, the reality is rebate checks aren't big checks. At best, they're one-shot spending incentives. And not great incentives at that.

Most folks just go out and splurge a little, a meal out, a weekend away, a toy for the kids.

Small stuff, but economists say potentially big stuff for an economy that could use the boost.

Again, I don't think one-time rebates do that. Lasting lower tax rates do. Tax rates of all types for all people.

To be clear, Democrats aren't talking tax cuts for the rich.

I just find it rich they're talking tax cuts at all.

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