Paul Krugman (search) writes an anti-Bush column for The New York Times. In fact, he writes the preeminent anti-Bush column for The New York Times.

Krugman seldom deviates from Bush-bashing in his column. In fact, it is such a staple of his topic diet, you wonder how anybody — FOX News, anybody — could possibly be charged with being pro-Bush.

Nobody in the news media, even right-wing radio, touts Bush as much as Krugman derides, attacks, assails, undermines and lampoons Bush.

Normally, I leave the attacks on Krugman to O'Reilly. Bill has said quite a bit on the subject, but Tuesday's Krugman column contains such a blatant falsehood, I am roused to comment.

In attempting to assist the faltering Kerry campaign, Krugman writes:

"If I were running the Kerry campaign, I'd remind people frequently about Mr. Bush's flight-suit photo-op, when he declared the end of major combat. In fact, the war goes on unabated."

As we know from the book, “American Soldier” by General Tommy Franks (search), the reason George Bush said major combat operations were over was Franks asked him to do so, as a signal from Franks to a long list of potential American allies. These allies had said when they heard the president say major combat operations were over, they would send troops to help America in Iraq. As Franks points out in his book, the allies stiffed us much more than anyone imagined possible.

After all, when you promise the general in charge of the war, it's fair to expect the promises to be kept. But not in Iraq and not promises to America.

To Krugman a fact like that makes no difference. Bush said it, so Bush must have thought it up and Bush must be held to blame even if there were good reasons for doing what he did. And the fact that allies backed out doesn't work in Bush's favor, in Krugman's world. It's just another thing to blame Bush for.

That's how Bush-hating works: You can hate him for anything and everything.

That's My Word.

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