Taming the Monster

I recently got an e-mail from Mark in Chicago, Illinois who writes:

"The 'it's our money' theme is starting to sound a bit dated. Using our tax dollars for legitimate purposes does not make our elected federal officials 'socialists, pimps or clowns,' as you pontificated. We have been told and I presume that you agree, that our country is at war..."

All good points, Mark. But my point is this: priorities -- spend where you have to.

Keep us safe and our weakest protected, that's the job of government. Here's what isn't the job of government: almost everything else.

We've created a monster and it's the government.

It exists to keep existing and growing and spreading its tentacles into each and every aspect of our lives.

It creates huge bureaucracies to feed the poor, but can't muster simple food to give the poor.

It creates a system where congressmen justify their existence not by what they do, but by the federal bacon they take home: The bridge. The tunnel. The ship. The mindless million-dollar study on earthworms.

Well you know what? I don't want their bacon. They can stuff their bacon. Because 435 guys bringing home bacon for each of us means a huge bill for all of us.

We get more dependent and the government gets more insidious.

The point is not that government can't do some things right. It's just that we can do most things better.

Remember that old line, a government that's big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have. So, priorities for what matter and not a penny more for things that don't matter.

If a bureaucrat is telling you he can't make it while sucking off a third to close to half what everyone makes in this country, then something's wrong with that bureaucrat. And something's very wrong with this country.

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