Talking Points: Turning to God

Turning to God in a time of crisis is the subject of this evening's Talking Points memo.

It is ironic but predictable that God would emerge as a consoling force in the face of this week's horror.  Spirituality is designed to soothe human beings in times of trouble.  That is why all of us should have spiritual lives.

But over the past few decades, America has become increasingly secular with foolish objections to even a hint of spirituality in our public institutions.  The politically correct crowd has somehow embraced the destructive notion that any discussion or display of religion outside the home or houses of worship is inappropriate.  That has damaged the nation by creating a society which believes it can control destiny when no human being can.

America is a place where all spiritual beliefs are supposed to be respected.  That is one of the reasons this country was founded.  Yet religion has now become a touchy subject, something to be avoided in polite conversation, except in times of crisis like now.

A new outlook is needed in this time of grief.  Spirituality should be encouraged in our schools and places of business, in our justice facilities and armed forces.  Reflection and generosity are the byproducts of spirituality and are needed to confront the evils of this world.

Talking Points hopes that one of the results of the terrorism will be a renewed acceptance of the spiritual in America, no matter what form it may take.

And that's the memo.

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