Talking Points: The Conflict Here in America

Yesterday, we looked at the overseas war.  Today,  we take a look at the conflict here in America.  Things are really heating up. 

Let's take it one by one.

Because of all the emotions swirling around, many things are happening quickly, such as this "We Are Family" recording.  We hope to find out exactly where the proceeds of the record will be going in just a few moments.

Two, the U.S. government is giving the airlines at least $15 billion taxpayer dollars so they will not go bankrupt.  Only one senator voted against that.

But, for now, here are the salaries and perks of the top airline CEOs for last year:

James Goodwin, United Airlines, $1,246,000, and he flies free.  Donald Carty, American Airlines, more than $4 million in the year 2000.  Gordon Bethune, Continental Airlines, $5 1/2 million.  Rakesh Gangwal, U.S. Airways, an astounding $12 million in total compensation.  Richard Anderson, Northwest Airlines, nearly $3 million.

Delta, America West, and Southwest Airlines pay their CEOs reasonable salaries.

Now Talking Points wants the airlines to be profitable, and I probably would have voted them the money, but only if they clean up their balance sheets and improve their service to the customer.

The New York Times, the paper that most wants to spend your money, has editorialized that the Fed should give another $3 billion to Amtrak.  Of course, this is insane!  That company should have been privatized a long time ago.  But with the airlines under stress, the Times, in its socialistic wisdom, wants more government spending on almost everything.

Which brings us to our pal, Jesse Jackson, who has been relatively quiet, but is also talking tax dollars, something he knows a lot about.

Says Jackson, instead of deploying U.S. troops to rout out terrorists and strike the countries that support them, America should launch the fight for redistribution of resources.  One hundred million people who have AIDS -- in five years, we should use our strength to fight that.

Well, the words "apples" and "oranges" come to mind, but I'll save that for another memo.

The war on terrorism will involve a whole bunch of hidden agendas.  You can count on that.  Already, Points has seen people exploiting the tragedy, but I'm not ready to name names.  I'll make absolutely sure I'm right before I do that.

This is no time to make mistakes either in government or in the press.  There's a lot going on, and we are here to make sure you know all about it.

And that's the memo.

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Jane Fonda weighs in on the terror attack.  Ms. Fonda told an Atlanta radio station, "What concerns me very much is the saber rattling and the calls for vengeance.  We must try to understand the underlying causes of the crime."

I'm sure the families of the victims are glad to hear that.  They want to understand.  More morale building from Ms. Fonda, who is simply ridiculous.

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