Talking Points: Jesse Jackson

There's an interesting report about Jesse Jackson that's not getting a lot of play, but I think you should know about it, and that is the subject of this evening's Talking Points memo.

As you may know, The Factor has been reporting that Reverend Jackson raises a lot of money by threatening to give some large corporations bad publicity unless they do business with his friends.

The New York Post is reporting that Jackson asked Deutsche Banc to settle a pay dispute with a man named Kevin Ingram, who was asking 20-million bucks from that bank.  Ingram didn't get that much, but apparently, did settle with Deutsche Banc for a nice chunk of change and then donated more than a hundred thousand dollars to Jackson's non-profit organizations. Jackson's spokesperson has confirmed this.

Subsequently, Mr. Ingram was arrested in Florida by federal authorities and charged with money laundering in an illegal arms deal. Nice. Now this story provides more evidence that Jesse Jackson has been doing some very questionable things under his non-profit banner and that the federal and state authorities are allowing Jackson to do pretty much what he wants to do without strict oversight.

The importance of this is that you and I would not get the same deal from the government.  Reverend Jackson is getting special treatment, and that treatment allows him to access millions of dollars.  This is flat-out wrong, of course, and I could run down the litany of evidence we've already given you, but I'll save it.

Talking Points will continue to document Jesse Jackson's activities, but the press can only do so much.  It is clear that the IRS and the State of Illinois simply will not take action against Jesse Jackson, not even an audit.  Equal justice for all?  Bologna.

And that's the memo.

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