Talking Points: Getting Hosed

Hi, I'm Bill O'Reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. How you and I are getting hosed by the powers that be.--That's the subject of this evening's Talking Points memo ...

The most important issue in America right now is the economy. And it could go either way.  Forget what the pundits are saying. Most of them aren't looking out for us. They're trying to get the market back on track so they can make money.

The truth is that nobody knows whether we'll sink into a deep recession or the tax cut and interest rate slash will get things moving again.  Nobody knows.

There is still major whining on the part of some militant democrats about the tax cut and I can't figure it out. The main point here is that if you don't like the rebate give it back to the government.

That's what Senator Robert Byrd did and if all the people who don't like the cut did the same thing, the surplus would be that much stronger.  So give it back. Or shut up already.

If you do return your refund, you can kvetch all you want.

And then there's the GOP.  Having just witnessed an energy meltdown in California and rocketing gas and oil prices all over the USA, the Republicans can't get behind higher gas mileage standards for new cars.  What?!  Am I dreaming here?   Working men and women on budgets are getting hosed at the gas pump and the Bush administration isn't for higher gas mileage standards?  What's that all about?

Unfortunately it's about the Standard Oil of California company and other big corporations.  And the GOP can't figure out why so many everyday Americans won't vote for them.

And then there's arctic drilling. Another unbelievable folly.

The Clinton-Gore administration did absolutely nothing on the energy front for eight years ... their policy was to buy more oil from OPEC--a record amount.

But now the Democrats don't want any drilling because it might upset the Caribou in the Tundra.  Is this insane?! Is this nuts?! Of course it is.

The Feds have already successfully built the Alaskan pipeline without annoying the wildlife and drilling on 2-thousand acres still gives anything alive up there millions of square miles in which to roam.

Meantime down here our energy needs are expanding rapidly and until Al Gore puts a windmill on his Tennessee farm I don't have a lot of confidence in alternative fuel.

So once again, both parties aren't looking out for you they are cozing up to special interests.  In just a few moments I will interview Terry McAuliffe and Governor Jim Gilmore, the respective heads of the two parties.

Trust me, you will want to see this.

And that’s the memo.

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day, O'Reilly Factor and Fox News gear. Now if you're a big CNN fan, this is ridiculous. But if you like us, and millions do, you might be interested in this.

For years, viewers have been writing to me asking if we had hats and shirts and stuff in general. Well now we do.  And it's pretty nice stuff not the iron-on gear many places sell. One of our producers, Kristin Lazure, wears the logoed attire wherever she goes and is routinely mobbed.

And we've kept the cost under control.

So check out our website at The site has a direct link to the e-store that's selling the gear for us.

So everybody wins here ... except the people who like CNN.

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