Talking Points: CBS Gives In

Well, the CBS Evening News has finally relented and initiated coverage of the Condit-Levy matter, and CBS has also done a poll in his California district.  That's the subject of this evening's Talking Points  memo.

Sixty-five percent of his constituents believe Condit impeded the  investigation into the disappearance of Chandra Levy.  But only 33 percent  say he should resign.  That's because 51 percent believe he's doing a good  job as their congressman.  However, only 24 percent would vote for him  again.

So what does this tell us?  I think it says that Americans in that district don't want to be judgmental, but they know the guy doesn't deserve to be in the House.

Once again, I believe he should have resigned weeks ago because of Condit's cruelty to the Levy family.

By the way, Fox News Channel will release its own extensive poll on Condit tomorrow.

As for the congressman himself, Fox reporter David Shuster caught up with him in Washington.


DAVID SHUSTER, FOX CORRESPONDENT:  Congressman, why won't you take a  D.C. police polygraph?

REP. GARY CONDIT (D), CALIFORNIA:  How are you doing today?  What's  your name?

SHUSTER:  Congress -- Congressman, what are you afraid of?

CONDIT:  What's your name, sir?

SHUSTER:  David Shuster from Fox News.  Congressman, why won't you  take a polygraph?

CONDIT:  How are you guys doing?

SHUSTER:  Congressman, did you lie to your staff?  Congressman, did  you have anything to do with the disappearance of Chandra Levy?   Congressman, do you owe your constituents an explanation?

CONDIT:  How are you folks?

SHUSTER:  Congressman, what are you afraid of?


O'REILLY:  That looked great, didn't it?  If Condit had any sense at all, assuming he's innocent of any wrongdoing, he would stop, talk to the  press, and explain himself.  But Condit doesn't seem to care about decency.

He hired a PR person who went out and trashed Chandra Levy's character.  That was a brilliant strategy, wasn't it?  And did Condit fire the woman?  No, he did not.

Clear-thinking Americans know there's something very wrong with this  guy.  If he wants to protect his name, all he has to do is walk into the FBI building and take a polygraph.  Hey, Gary, I'll pay the cab fare.

Instead, he hires an expensive mouthpiece, Abbe Lowell, who trots out  his own lie-detector test.  And how many intelligent people bought that?

The end zone here is that the country does not need a person like Gary  Condit in the House.  He's a tremendous distraction.  If he had any dignity  at all, he'd quit, or at least face the questions from people like David  Shuster and myself.  But he will not.  And most of his peers on the Hill  are too gutless to call him on it, so we're stuck with him unless something  new breaks on the case.

Talking Points will not be surprised if whatever breaks is not good news for Gary Condit.

And that's the memo.

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for the "Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."  It is  hot in Utah this time of year.  And it is really hot at Dee Dee Darian's  house.  Ms. Darian runs a topless maid service -- watch out for that vacuum  cleaner -- and likes to garden scantily clad -- hey, watch out for that  poison ivy.

Anyway, some of Dee Dee's neighbors are offended by her horticulture  and called the cops.  They came an investigated for kind of a long time,  but in the end determined Dee Dee was not doing anything illegal, which may or may not be ridiculous depending on your view of Dee Dee...who we hope is using sun block.

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