Talking Points: Are the Feds Asleep at the Switch?

Our pals, Hannity and Colmes, landed a nifty exclusive with Janet Reno. Sean and Alan tried to pin her down, but it was hard. Like many public servants these days, Janet Reno does not feel she owes the American people much explanation about her behavior. Her favorite words are "no comment."

Talking Points is firmly convinced that the American people are getting shafted by many people in Washington. Let me give you a few examples.

In secret negotiations, California Governor Gray Davis has pounded Duke Energy of North Carolina into refunding money to that state. Mr. Davis believes that Duke Energy overcharged California for power because Duke knew the state was desperate.

The fact is that dozens of power companies gouged the heck out of California. So where was the federal government? There are laws against profiteering when it comes to public utilities. The feds are just now starting to look into the matter.

It's true that California's energy problems are the fault of poor decisions by California, but working people are taking the hit for the incompetence of politicians. The feds should be trying to protect them.

Let's expand the situation. The feds also remain on the sidelines in the horrendous air traffic situation. The FAA sits by and allows the airlines to schedule far more flights than could ever take off.

The airlines know it. The feds know it. Only the customers aren't told. They just have to sit there and suffer the terrible delays.

The FAA says it will not intervene because there are no safety issues. Baloney! People are being abused mentally and physically, often sitting on runways for hours.

But the real issue is called fraud in the inducement. The airlines are running a fraudulent scheme. They know certain flights will be delayed, but they take the money without full disclosure. Guess what?

That's against the law.

Since the airports are owned by the taxpayers, the feds are in responsible for enforcing the law at the airports. The feds will not do it.

Back to Janet Reno. She obviously would not enforce the campaign-finance laws or aggressively investigate Chinese espionage at federal facilities. Period. She just wouldn't do it.

And the IRS simply will not audit Jesse Jackson.

Talking Points could go on and on, but time is tight. The federal government's mandate is to protect American citizens and see that the laws of the land are enforced. The federal government is not — not — watching out for us. It is not doing the job.

And that's a memo.

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Hannity & Colmes will talk with Janet Reno right after we go off the air. We hope you stay tuned.

Ms. Reno is here in the building. So I sent two of my crack staff to meet her and extend a warm and fuzzy invitation to come on The Factor. Ms. Reno was polite, but stated, "I am not familiar with The O’Reilly Factor."

I am crestfallen. Ridiculous? You decide.

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