This whole Jessica Lynch (search) nude photo thing got me thinking. How does this stuff happen?

Whoever thinks it's a good idea to photograph -- or to be photographed -- in the raw? Wearing nothing? Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Sometimes I know things get out of hand. But consider this a free tip. When that certain someone special in your life says, "Honey, do you mind if I videotape us tonight?" just say no.

If part of the pizzazz in your relationship includes in Pentax camera in that relationship, it’s time to re-examine that relationship.

If your idea of "let's go to bed," means "let's go to the videotape," let's all go to the doctor.

Look, I know you love that special person in your life. But there's a possibility, however remote you like to think it is, that he or she won't always be that special person in your life. So just make sure before you sling his stuff out the door, among the stuff your slinging aren't compromising pictures or videos.

Frankly I don't know why anyone in his or her right mind would allow such pictures to be taken in the first place.

Maybe some of them didn't know. But a lot of them did.

Paris Hilton is apparently shocked her romps with a former boyfriend are now heating up the World Wide Web. Paris, get a worldwide clue.

Amber Fry doesn't know how those nude photos ever managed to see the light of day. Hey Amber, remember, when you strip, here's a tip: Kill the camera.

And, this goes for anyone. Love isn't found in a lens. Whips and chains are one thing. A TV monitor and a Sony camera with night-vision is another.

What two consenting adults do on their own time is their business. Anyone shamelessly and unscrupulously profiting off it, is lousy business.

So the next time that someone special says, "I've got a camera." Just tell them, "I've got a headache." Please.

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