It is part of my routine every day.

Checking in on a dozen or so sources on what's new, what's happening, what's the buzz.

After all these years, some have become not only good contacts, but good friends.

And this morning, one of them passing along what I thought was good news.

A guy I've been talking to for many years telling me he just hit a very big year.

Fifty. Today.

I wished him a happy birthday.

But he didn't seem very happy.

"Neil," he said, "my dad never made it past 49."

"My mom died at 48."

Then without missing a beat, he added, "I guess I'm on borrowed time."

There was little I could do to console him. In fact, when I inquired about other relatives in his family and their longevity, I clearly wasn't helping him.

Aunts and uncles gone... apparently his family genes, bad.

And this day, my phone pal is cool.

Not crazy. Just cool.

For his wonderful wife, and four great kids.

Grateful for a good life.

But now he fears a good life that must be coming to a close, even though he's healthy and fit, and as I try to remind him, "not nearly as decrepit looking as his 50 years would suggest."

He laughs. I laugh.

But I'm just not shaking him back.

I can't see him. But I hear him... in another place.

A man fixated on a calendar he's pushed further than his parents, and all but prepared to soon join his parents.

I try to tell him life is fickle. We just don't know.

So enjoy the ride.

Then I try to move on and ask him about the market.

"It's looking good," he says.

"So's your life," I tell him.

He laughs. The call ends.

Taken stock of the market.

And stock of something else.


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