Take the Money and Run

You know, I have no problem with celebrities spouting their views.

It's a free country, I think it should be a free world.

Just as long as celebrities recognize they're free to prattle on, just as their fans are free to move on if they don't like what those celebrities say

You see, fans have rights too.

They don't like what you say, they don't buy what you sing.

They do like what you say, I'm sure they'll buy even more of what you sing.

For superstars like Bruce Springsteen (search), I don't think it matters at all.

For struggling ones like the Dixie Chicks (search), it could prove the end-all.

I guess it goes back to knowing your fans. If they're conservative, bashing the president might not be wise. If they're liberal, hyping Kohn Kerry might not be stupid.

I say, have your say and let the chips — and album sales — fall where they may.

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