Here are some instructions on how to take back the beep on your cell phone voicemail. It's a bit more complicated on some providers than others.

We've also included information on how to contact each provider and tell them what you think!


If you know that the person you are leaving a voicemail for is a T-Mobile customer, you can just hit the # button to skip right to the beep.

CONTACT T-MOBILE: go to http://bit.ly/2rKy0u


Sprint customers are able to easily turn off the voicemail instructions as well as do a few other things to customize their voice mail experience. Customers can find instructions for doing this at www.sprint.com/takebackthebeep

To turn off caller instructions:

> Dial into your voicemail account
> Select 3 for personal options
> Select 2 for greetings
> Select 1 for main greeting
> Select 3 for add or remove caller instructions
> Then press 2 for do not play instructions

CONTACT SPRINT: go to www.sprint.com/takebackthebeep


AT&T iPhone customers already have the pre-recorded instructions disabled. This was a deal that was worked out by Apple when they signed their exclusivity agreement with AT&T.

For non-iPhone AT&T customers, you can only disable PART of the message (the portion that allows callers to page you. Here's how:

> Call your voicemail
> Go to personal options
> Go to administrative options
> Select "cut through paging"
> Select off

CONTACT AT&T: Send an e-mail to customerissues@attnews.us


Verizon has not published instructions on taking back the beep, however; based on other blogs, here is the best way to go about it:

> Dial into your voicemail main menu:
> Personal options
> Administrative options
> General options
Then you will have these three options:
> Auto Play On or Off
> Call Back Number Prompt On or Off
> Rapid Prompt or Standard Prompt

CONTACT VERIZON: go to http://bit.ly/FJncH